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Profile picture of artist Bianca Raffaela, May 2022
Bianca, May 2022

Bianca Raffaela is a painter and illustrator currently based in Cassino, Italy.

Born in London, Bianca moved to Italy and studied in the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome, graduating with honors in 2007.

Among the sources of inspiration Bianca lists fashion photography, 80s music, surrealist works of Magritte and contrasted play of light and shadows in the works of Caravaggio.

Artworks often feature women wearing abstract or futuristic outfits. Clean lines, intricate details, abstract settings and contrasted colours are the techniques that make them instantly recognizable. Most often used materials are acrylics, oil paint and ink.

Through her art Bianca aims to bring out in people the sense of beauty and delight.